Enjoy a Healthier Body in Just 10 days by Eliminating Years of Accumulated Toxins Naturally…
(And this is known as Master Cleanse)

Master Cleanse is created way back in the 1941 by an alternative medicine practitioner, Stanley Burroughs, as a detoxification and weight loss diet. Unlike other diets, Master Cleanse has stood the test of time for over 70 years as people embarking on the Master Cleanse has benefited in many different ways. But if you care about losing fat and at the same time be healthy, watch this video presentation by Emma, a bestselling diet author, to find out about the 3 Nutritional Principles to Lose Weight & Be Healthy.

As millions of visitors have visited our website and thousands of participants have joined us in the Master Cleanse, here are some of the amazing benefits the participants have feedback to us…

In just a short 40 days,  Abigale has lost a total of 35 pounds, no more neck pain & experienced more energy!

Of course, in this case, she has overdone it by exceeding the standard 10 days. Here’s the first day of her Master Cleanse.


You can see that for her first day, she had a lot of fats around her belly. But wait till you see her belly after 40 days of Master Cleanse.


Take a closer look at her energy level too. She’s still quite energetic after 40 days of Master Cleanse despite not eating much. We hope this should convince you about the power of Master Cleanse.

Back in 2006, Master Cleanse has won recognition in the Oprah Winfrey’s show when Beyonce Knowles shared her weight loss secrets that helped her lose over 20 pounds.

As such, our website conducted several surveys and simple research by welcoming over thousands of master cleansers to send their feedback, questions, problems, and comments they faced on the master cleanse. With this, we hope to capture all the different effects that each of our human body would face.

Together with all the emails sent to us, we have also unintentionally found out some of the mistakes most cleansers make that affect the success of their cleanse.

In short, there are 3 main factors that affect the success or how you experience in your master cleanse.

  1. Every human body is different. Our DNA is different, our bodies are different, what we eat daily, our metabolic rate, all of these contribute to how our body would react when we do the Master Cleanse.For example…
    • Irregular bowel eliminations – Some master cleansers experience no bowel movements or even diarrhea for several days. You want to make sure that there is no irregular bowel movements for more than 2 to 3 days and there are several ways to get you back on track.
    • Different people would encounter different detox symptoms like headaches, cough, flu, aches. Most are just common detox symptoms but you want to keep it under control too. Do you know what to do when these detox symptoms doesn’t go away?
  2. Misinterpret the instructions or lack of accurate information
    • Misinterpreted the instructions - You may have the master cleanse book or all the instructions, but you may misinterpret the instructions. For instance, you may have used the wrong proportion of the ingredients.
    • Lack of accurate Master Cleanse instructions - Most people try to do the master cleanse just by reading the instructions online. Some may be accurate while other information may be wrong – Unable to differentiate which are accurate and which are not. You don’t want to do the master cleanse wrongly as it may lead to serious health consequences.

  3. Not following the instructions

For some reasons, you don’t follow the exact instructions. For instance, you skip the laxative tea or the salt water flush. Or you hate the cayenne pepper and don’t add the cayenne pepper at all.

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