Over the years, Master Cleanse has received the limelight from many celebrities. During 2006, the Oprah Winfrey show has helped in the advancement in popularity of the Master Cleanse diet when she interviewed Beyonce. Now, as everyone is talking about the show, and many of them trying out the cleanse, questions about the diet are swarming the entire internet.

Research #2 - 16% of the dieters who finished the diet succeeded in the first try.

There are many people who try on Master Cleanse and we have found out that only a small number of dieters succeeded Master Cleanse on the first try for the 10 days Master Cleanse.

What contributes to their success for the 10 days Master Cleanse?

Most of these Master Cleansers replied they succeeded because they know exactly what to expect during the master cleanse diet. They had more than sufficient mental and hunger preparations. For instance, they know how to make themselves resistant to the hunger effect after the first day of the cleanse. Most of the dieters failed the first time because they did not anticipate the temptations caused by the hunger.

How do they know what to expect and anticipate for the Master Cleanse?

Most of them do enough homework before they start the Master Cleanse. Almost all of them have bought the master cleanse book written by Raylen Sterling and they followed closely to the tips taught in the book. Click here to the official site of the book.

A minority of them have received help from professional doctors and nutritionists.

With the help of either the book or the professional help, they know some tips and guide – the ingredients, recipes, salt flush, tea flush, breaking the fast, beginning of the fast, etc. All these have contributed greatly to their success in the Master Cleanse.

You will discover…

  • The most common mistakes people make that would spoil the lemonade and even harm their body.

  • The list of safe foods that you can eat so you will be able to withstand the hunger and yet reap the full benefits of the cleanse.

  • How to avoid sabotaging your Master Cleanse while you are several days in the diet and worse still, you may not even know it — Discover how to avoid it..

There are much more that are in the book itself.. Unfortunately, due to copyright issues, we are unable reveal any information here.

Hence, most of the successful dieters advise other master cleanse dieters to purchase the Master Cleanse Secrets book. However, if you decide to save on the book, you would have to do adequate research. Otherwise, it’ll be on the expense on your health and the consequence may result in you paying more money. Click here to read about the book.

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