The lemonade diet, or more commonly known as the Master Cleanse diet, has become popular since Stanley Burroughs released the master cleanse book, which proposed a fast and effective way of removing toxins from the body. Originally, the lemonade diet was not a diet regimen but a short-term detoxification routine. However, it was developed to be part of an ongoing routine.

The Master Cleanse diet is quite similar to other citric juice diets and consists of surviving for a number of days by just drinking a fresh combination of lemon juice, water, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. This citric diet is helpful in burning the excess fat stored in the body as a result of not eating anything and the detriment of other nutrients.

The Master Cleanse diet is believed to be an effective weight loss program. The logic is, the body used the muscles and stored fat to supply the body’s needs for energy and nutrition since the person are not taking any solid food. The lemonade diet is perfect for short-term solutions of losing weight and at most of few days. The diet is not recommended to be sustained for a long time and must not be applied by people susceptible to illnesses such as elderly, children and pregnant women.

It is advisable that you consult your doctor first before getting into fad diets and any other diet regimen in order to understand the risks and benefits of the process. Nutrition experts and doctors would probably agree that the key to a successful weight loss is a combination of exercise and healthy food choices.

Many people go for instant weight loss with no ill effects such as Master Cleanse diet. However, adequate exercise and watching what you eat at the same time are the pillars of a healthy body and great shape. Do try out the diet for a healthy body!