Master Cleanse is a healthy diet which offers the lemonade maple diet. The program requires people to only drink lemonade or maple syrup, water and cayenne pepper, without any solid food intake for a minimum of 10 days. Some people who were quite successful in completing the Master Cleanse diet stay in this stage for 45 days or longer. Apart from its objective to lose weight, it also aims in leading a healthy life.

The famous actress, Demi Moore and her husband actor Ashton Kutcher started this new detox diet plan on July 11. They actually tweeted to the world “Starting the Master Cleanse today.” Moore is now following a very extreme plan that is created by alternative medicine practitioner Stanley Burroughs in 1941. Shea has to take the laxative every morning and evening.

Before Demi and Ashton get themselves to start master Cleanse, there are other celebrities who are serious devotees to this program such as Gwyneth Paltrow that lead her to some serious health issues by her dieting, and Beyonce who follows the 10 day Master Cleanse detox based approach to shed 20 pounds for her role in Dreamgirls.

The power couple Demi and Ashton continues the 2nd day of the Master Cleanse diet and even go off hiking with the dogs. Demi said that the 2nd day is better than the first. And she also insisted that she is doing is not for weight loss alone. On the other hand, her hubby Ashton is not so thrilled anymore after doing 9 hours of Master Cleanse. He already wants a beer, steak, and a blow-up. He gave up on the  Master Cleanse with five more days to go. Generally, the cleanse will not work if you are not a hundred percent committed and dedicated on reaching the goal you have set.

After four days of consuming only lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper, Demi Moore finally decided to quit the 10 days Master Cleanse which she excitedly declared an “All about health”. She is now going on a new direction and has switched on to a 21-day Clean Program. The 47 year old actress has come to the conclusion that she needs some real food in her diet to survive the program. The Clean Program was created by the New York cardiologist, Dr. Alejandro Junger.

The 21-day program allows her to have a liquid meal in the morning, a solid meal for lunch, and a liquid meal in the evening. For her liquid meals, the doctor recommends a special meal replacement shake. Though, it is also possible to have fresh juices, soups, or blended smoothies, whatever she prefers as her liquid meal. In addition, the actress takes this program along with pill supplements. On top of that, the three-week Clean Program is very expensive, which can run up to $350 without including food.

A fan reacted to what Demi is doing with her diet, and said that the Clean Program sounds like any fad diet everywhere minus the hefty price tag of $350. Demi is quick to defend that what she is doing doesn’t involve starving herself but is all about nourishing the body.