Yoga is one exercise method designed to purify the body. Although there are many different types of the exercise, all of them prompt a person to focus their energy and somehow ease stress from the human mind and body. Constantly doing Yoga actually allows a person to attain metal clarity and focus on the important parts in their lives. For years and years, this has been used by people who want to achieve greater heights in their life.

Nowadays, the act of purifying oneself is no longer limited to a person’s spiritual state. You’ll find that there are actually diet types today that allow a person to cleanse their body – literally. This method is known as the Master Cleans or the Lemonade Diet. Like Yoga, it aims to purify by removing all the harmful chemicals that are stuck in our body.

How to Cleanse your Body

You’ll find that there are different ways a person can clean their physical body. Of course, the most obvious and pretty much the most basic is by taking a bath. With the help of soap and water, a person is able to purge dirt of their bodies.

The next one is of course the natural process of excreting waste. Another common method, the body is specially designed to perform this function.

Another one is by drinking lots of water. The prescribed amount everyday is eight to ten glasses of water for every person to keep the body well hydrated. However, if you want to start flushing out toxins from your system, you should try drinking more water and reducing your food consumption. Of course, this process usually takes time. You should be able to stay on the process for weeks while simultaneously taking in lesser foods in order to aid the water when cleaning. However, with the advent of soda, juices, burgers and fries — the water method of getting rid of toxins isn’t as effective as we would like. This is where the Master Cleanse method comes in.

The Master Cleanse Detox

Compared to traditional fasting which may take weeks, the Master Cleanse detox is only set to be implemented for a total of ten days. Plus, the process is actually better than the traditional method because not only has it been tested to keep a person safe health-wise, it also produces better cleansing results. The only drawback for this method is that a person is restricted from eating or drinking anything during the whole process. Like water, a total of eight to twelve glasses of the concoction is  the required amount for the next ten days of the Master Cleanse.

The method uses organic lemon juice freshly squeezed, cayenne pepper and organic grade B maple syrup mixed together in a specific amount of water. The combination of the three supplies the body with the energy it needs to survive while cleaning out the intestines.

The Master Cleanse Effect

Lemon is basically used to alkalize body acidity. This allows for the breakdown of the trapped minerals in the body so that they can be easily transported away from the system. At the same time, the introduction of grade B maple syrup ensures that there will be energy available even though no solid food is ingested. Lastly is the cayenne pepper which is a bit hot to the taste, therefore speeding up the metabolism in the body.

Pretty much like Yoga, the Master Cleanse allows a person to purge themselves of the harmful toxins trapped in their bodies. At the same time, the regimen also induces weight loss due to the fact that no solid food has been ingested for the duration of the cleanse.

People who have tried this out noticed that their body has become better than ever. Flexibility and muscle strength are increased after the ten day fast and a feeling of lightness sets on a person.