What could be worse than having an embarrassing state of bad breath? Bad breath is definitely a turn off. You may notice that a lot of people are moving away and get wary when you have bad breath. Such behaviors are expected whenever you came in contact with a person with bad breath.

Halitosis is the scientific term of bad breath and is a disorder in the oral cavity or the mouth. Having this condition is really embarrassing because you are not able to catch the smell coming from your mouth. However, other people can smell it and inconvenience by the smell. The way they act is an affirmation that you are suffering from halitosis that needs immediate attention and solution.

The effect of halitosis can be wide ranging and it affects the self-esteem of a person. A person with bad breath cannot speak confidently because of the condition. Thus, your communication and relationship with other people are affected. Of course, this condition can be treated. There are many factors that are attributed in the development of halitosis and there are also many ways of treating this condition. One of the best ways to treat this problem is through detoxification with Master Cleanse.

Bad breath can be categorized as a medical or dental condition, depends on the factors that cause bad breath. Bad breath can be one of the symptoms of other medical conditions such as sinusitis, tonsillitis, diabetes, kidney malfunction and weak lungs. All of these conditions produces bad odor. Moreover, large quantities of garlic and onions in the diet can also cause bad breath. A bad tooth can also be a cause of halitosis. Food that you eat can get stuck in the bad tooth and may cause bad breath.

What are the treatments for bad breath? Many people use mouth washes and oral mints to hide the foul odor of the mouth. This practice only cures the problem superficially and it also kills the good bacteria in the mouth, which can worsen the problem. By using mouthwashes can make your mouth dry. One of the best solutions to bad breath is by gargling water with salt.

Practicing best oral and dental hygiene largely helps in mitigating the problem. Make sure to brush and clean your tongue as the anaerobic bacteria create a white layer on the tongue that also cause bad breath. You may use a metallic scraper or floss in scraping the tongue. Chewing gums that are sugarless will also help in producing more saliva that may help in mitigating the problem with bad breath.

You may also try detoxifying your body as it will clean your entire blood system. The Master Cleanse diet is one of the processes in detoxification. You will not take any food for a certain period of time. Some people find this quite difficult. However, you will see that master cleanse is a very effective way of detoxification and can help you resolve your halitosis. Be healthier and get rid of halitosis in 10 days!