The Master Cleanse also known as the Lemonade diet is known for its various benefits to the human body. Not only does it help flush out the toxins in the body but the method is also a fast and very efficient way to lose weight. In fact, it has been greatly advertised by some celebrities including Beyonce Knowles.

It is claimed that the Master Cleanse is capable of ridding the body of diseases because of its detoxifying capabilities. The method cleans out the accumulated toxins in the large intestine and therefore could play a part in preventing problems like colon cancer. When it comes to weight loss, a total of ten pounds may be shed off by simply using the Master Cleanse. At the same time, lots of people say that by taking up the detox that lasts for ten days, they were able to get a much healthier body at top form plus sporting glowing and healthy skin.

From all these positive feedback, there are also people who claim that the Master Cleanse is a viable answer to fertility issues. However, the medical field is definitely divided when it comes to this theory. For this reason, one cannot really say if Master Cleanse can solve fertility problems. Still, both sides of the spectrum present good arguments. That being said, following are the reasons of those who agree and do not agree in the idea so that you can make up your mind yourself.

Those who Agree

The idea is that most of the food we eat today are so full of harmful materials that it could affect various bodily functions — including reproduction. Hence, by cleaning out the body, this can invariably impact on a person’s fertility. By flushing out the unhealthy hormones that are messing up with our system, the body can come back to its natural process.

Those who Don’t Agree

For those who do not believe the concept argue that the Master Cleanse is not really healthy practice. Proof is that it must only be done for a period of ten days. For the whole process, people are expected to show side effects that are not really good for the body. Others argue that even long term side effects can come out of the Master Cleanse method.

Whatever you choose to believe, keep in mind that there are already health care professionals who specialize in fertility cases. However, if you do decide to take up the Master Cleanse method, make sure that you do so with the approval of the doctor. Although the process is capable of flushing out bodily toxins, it does subject the body to unnatural conditions.