The Master Cleanse diet is a carefully formulated regimen that contains lemon, cayenne pepper, water and maple syrup. If one of these ingredients is gone, then you’re not really on the lemonade diet. The reason for this is that each one is specially chosen to provide the right amount of calories for a person’s daily need. These calories combined from the most important ingredients are lower than what you need every day, thereby prompting the body to burn its fat reserve – resulting to weight loss. Following are the most important ingredient of the Master Cleanse diet and what they are capable of individually in getting you the results you want.


Water is the most important ingredient since this is basically the medium in which all the other ingredients will be combined. This ingredient is also the one that has the most part in the concoction. When choosing water for your master cleanse diet, make sure that it is clean and filtered. If you have to boil the liquid to be sure of its cleanliness, then do it.


The master cleanse diet is also known by the name Lemonade Diet because aside from water, lemon is the most prominent ingredient in the mixture. You’ll find that there are ratio requirements here as well as with the other ingredients. Make sure that you follow the instructions carefully as well as use organic lemon. Canned lemon juice or any other substitute for the lemon is not allowed.

Maple Syrup

The creator of the Master Cleanse diet has been very specific. You must use Grade B Maple Syrup or not undergo the diet at all. This is because other syrup types do not contain the minerals and nutrients necessary for the project. Not only that, it’s also possible that non-Grade B Maple Syrups will not react well with the other ingredients, thereby rendering your whole food regimen useless.

Cayenne Pepper

Although you’ll only need a small amount of cayenne pepper, you must not overlook this ingredient at all. The cayenne pepper gives extra flavor to the drink to make it more palatable. Also, it is responsible for the fast removal of toxins and mucus in the body as well as improves blood flow.

Each ingredient has a purpose in the overall goal so leaving one out would be inadvisable. Also, make sure to follow the ingredient requirements to the letter. Stick to the organic materials because they are the ones that contain the minerals that you need. Others would likely have degraded nutrients that would not do you any good.