Metabolism is the rate wherein a person’s body breaks down food and converts it into usable energy. One of the reasons why people gain weight is because of slow metabolism, allowing for a larger amount of stored fat in the body.

This is probably why more and more people are aiming to speed up their metabolism by taking in “pills” and medications that promise those results. However, do these things really work? Other rumors also say that some diets like the Master Cleanse actually slows down metabolism. Before we address those rumors, let us first discuss metabolism.

What affects Metabolism

The metabolic rate may vary from person to person but be assured that this process goes on non-stop. Even if you are sleeping, you can be sure that the body is still doing its job and breaking down fats and using up energy.

You’ll find that there are various articles telling you how to speed up your metabolism. Diet methods, exercise methods and sometimes even sleeping methods have been linked to a person’s metabolic rate. However, let me tell you that none of these are considered as factors. The truth is that muscle mass is the sole factor when it comes to metabolism

Why is that? Fact is that one of the reasons why muscled people burn more fat is because muscles are capable of using up energy while at rest. They burn calories even when you are doing absolutely nothing! Hence, the more muscle you have, the more calories you get rid of without any exercises at all!

This is the core of every person’s metabolic rate. Now that you know, then you should be able to dismiss all the other rumors or tips that tell you how to speed up your energy conversion process.

So is Master Cleanse a factor?

Can Master Cleanse slow down or even speed up metabolism? The answer is no! The diet is in no way involved with muscle build up or even muscle degeneration. Hence, there is absolutely no way that Master Cleanse has nothing to do with metabolism.