The Post Master Cleanse, or the Ease-out, is the exact reverse of the Ease-in. While the Ease-in prepares you for consuming liquids, the Ease-out reintroduces your body to solid food. Don’t be in a hurry to resume your normal eating habits. Your body may have become accustomed to processing liquids while on the Master Cleanse Diet, and you don’t want it to process hard solids immediately. Doing so might result in constipation or make you ill.

While undergoing the Post Master Cleanse, make it a point to drink a lot of water. Fruits and vegetable juices are necessary to give you a lot of dietary fiber and at the same time prevent constipation. If you can’t prepare fruit and vegetable juices, you might opt for broth.

The first day of the Post Master Cleanse should be composed of drinking fresh orange juice. Mix two tablespoons of maple syrup to every liter of orange juice. Orange juice helps your body get used to ordinary food. Also drink as much pure water as you need.

The second day is meant for consuming fruit and vegetable juices. There are several fruits and vegetables that are ideal for this purpose. You can also make vegetable soups for added variety.

On the third day, eat fruits and vegetables. Continue drinking plenty of water to help your digestion. Fruits and vegetables will help your digestive system adjust to a regular diet on the fourth day onwards.

On the fourth day and onwards, you should slowly revert to a normal, regular diet. During this stage, eat soft foods, such as grains, at first – basically foods that are easy on the stomach. Avoid meat and dairy products for a while since these foods can be harsh on your stomach during this phase. Don’t be in a hurry to eat the foods you’ve grown fond of; take your time and slowly get back to your regular diet.

You have to realize that you will lose some weight while on the Master Cleanse Diet. Don’t be alarmed, however, as most of the weight you will lose are fecal matter that are removed from your body. You will also discover that the Master Cleanse works well in controlling your food cravings, even when you’re already back to your regular diet.