Ok, so you’ve read the effects of the Master Cleanse diet and have acknowledged what you need to do to get the results you’ve always wanted. However, don’t start mixing together the ingredients just yet. You might first want to find out the pros and cons of the diet before finally taking the 10 day plunge. Read on and find out exactly what you can expect from this liquid regimen.

The Pros

First things first, let’s talk about the benefits of this diet for you. As you know, the Master Cleanse will make you lose weight fast! Created by Stanley Burroughs, the diet is designed to provide you low calorie contents that your body would burn up more than you take in for the whole period, thus resulting to the dramatic weight loss. However, let’s not forget why it was called the Master Cleanse in the first place. This diet will help you clean out your large intestine of stuck digested food and toxins that could cause carious diseases including colon cancer. Through this internal clean up, you’ll find that the master cleanse is also capable of boosting your immune system to its possible best, kind of like reformatting a virus ridden computer.

One more pro of this regimen is that it is incredibly cheap! Imagine not having to buy groceries for the next ten days! You’ll only be drinking a mixture of water, lemon, maple syrup and cayenne pepper – all of which can be bought in your local grocery store at cheap prices. Not only that, the combination of these ingredients results to a good tasting drink that would be very easy to get used to.

And lastly, it not only works but works fast! As proven by Beyonce, you can lose up to ten pounds in ten days! Plus, people who are undergoing the diet are not required to exercise regularly. In fact, just a few cardio or stretches would be enough every day.

The Cons

Now, let’s get to the cons of the Master Cleanse diet. First of all, it could take all of your willpower to stick to this diet. This is especially true if you’re used to three full meals ever day. Depending on the stage of the diet, you could start feeling hunger pangs as well as feeling a bit woozy. As a result of the detoxification process, it is also entirely possible that you start seeing mucous in your waste since the body is dispensing of them.