Drinking liquids all day long will slow down your digestive processes and you might not feel any urge to go to the toilet. To help the removal of wastes, it is necessary to undergo the Salt Water Flush. You can do this in the evening and when you have all the time in your hands.

Prepare the salt water solution by mixing a teaspoon of organic sea salt (not iodized salt) with a liter of water. As much as possible, consume the entire salt water solution in one go. You can drink the solution in increments or installments if you can tolerate the taste.

After you have consumed the salt water solution, expect a bowel movement within a half hour. You can do anything you want while waiting for the moment. When you feel some movement inside your stomach, you know that your body is trying to get rid of the wastes that have accumulated inside your system for a very long time. But don’t go to the toilet, yet. Allow several movements or “rumbles” until you can’t hold it any longer.

While waiting for the bowel movement, try your best to avoid releasing “gas,” especially if you are in the office or in a place far away from home. Otherwise, you will find yourself looking for the nearest toilet.

The bowel movement in the salt water flush is not exactly a beautiful process. You will be expelling a lot of liquid as well as solid matter that has accumulated in your digestive tract for several days, months or even years. Continue expelling wastes until you feel that you have completed the process. Wait for at least 15 minutes after your last bowel movement before cleaning yourself and going on with the rest of your day.