We all know the many wonderful benefits of the lemonade cleanse. However, some people get all too excited to try the lemonade cleanse after they have heard of its health-related advantages that they fail to take note of the few side effects.

As with any other existing detoxification or weight loss methods out there, side effects usually take place as secondary to the main therapeutic effect. If you are planning on going on the lemonade cleanse, it is important for you to be familiar with its side effects. After all, proper information and preparation are key elements for you to have, to make this detoxification process a success.

The following are the known side effects of the lemonade cleanse, as reported by the people who have tried it:

1. Headache – Some people report having headaches for 3-4 days. Experts believe that such headache attacks happen when people who are used to having coffee in the morning suddenly stop getting their daily dose of caffeine, which is a toxin. The lemonade cleanse will flush out any circulating caffeine in the blood stream. If you are a coffee-drinker, the lemonade cleanse will start up your finding of an alternative and healthier beverage in the morning.

2. Hunger pangs – Many people will cringe at the idea of not consuming any other food items for 10 days except for the lemonade juice. The truth is people are not created equally; some can fight off craving for food, while others easily give in to the temptation.

It is best that, before you start on the lemonade cleanse, you got your mind very well set for the things you need to endure for as long as the detoxification process is taking place. Being determined to reach your goal and acquire a renewed health will help keep you from giving in to hunger pangs. If at any time during the lemonade cleanse you feel hungry, simply drink the lemonade mixture, then do something that will keep you preoccupied instead.

3. Weakness – The logic behind this is simple: while the lemonade mixture can provide your body with the necessary vitamins and minerals, still you are not consuming any other food. Feeling weak while on the lemonade cleanse is but normal. Your body is using all of its stored energy to help itself in eliminating all the accumulated toxins in your different systems. The amount of energy used up by your body depends on the amount of toxins it needs to flush out.

4. Frequent bowel movement – Frequent bowel movement, more than just being a side effect, is also part of the lemonade cleanse. This is because of the recommended use of sea-salt mixture or laxative tea as part of the entire detoxification process.

Bowel movement is important because it helps in sweeping the toxins out of your colon, making restoration of health much easier for the body to carry out. Some people even report having very loose and watery stool. However, this is normal as you are consuming only the lemonade mixture.