One of the most popular diet methods today that are even being used by celebrities is the Master Cleanse diet also known as the Lemonade Diet. It’s a drastic food regimen implemented temporarily wherein a person would not be eating any solid foods for ten consecutive days. Not really designed as a diet style, the Master Cleanse is made to flush out any toxins in the body.

Like most diet methods, the Master Cleanse diet comes with various sided effects that may alarm people. More so in fact since calorie intake during the program is brought down to its lowest low while still allowing the body to function. If you’re thinking of taking up the Master Cleanse diet, then I suggest that you first understand the side effects of this regimen.

Stomach Cramps

Since the body is not getting its usual dosage of solid food, the stomach starts to protest thereby producing cramps. It’s perfectly normal to develop this symptom especially during the first few days of the regimen when your body is still adjusting to the lack of food. However, after a few days, some people get accustomed to the change in dietary programs and the stomach cramps go away.


This is especially true when a person is well into the course of the Master Cleanse diet. By the time the 4th or 5th day rolls in, you could start feeling sick by just the thought of drinking another lemonade mix. The diet also requires a person to drink up 6 to 12 glasses and if you’re not used to this much, feelings of wanting to vomit can be a problem.


Frequent headaches especially during the first few days can be felt. The lack of food in the system usually disrupts various organs and could lead to feelings of pressure and stress.

Frequent Bathroom Trips

Not only would you be discharging more water but also excreting waste often. This is because the body is already getting rid of the toxins stuck in your system. Hence, don’t be surprised if you start seeing mucous on your waste since these would be the toxins residing in your large intestine for a long time.

Weight Gain

After the weight loss during the ten day fast, some people notice that they gain back weight fast. This is because the Master Cleanse diet is formulate to purge the body of toxins with weight loss being a welcome side effect. Hence, if you want to maintain weight loss after getting off the diet, then start living a healthy lifestyle with lots of exercises.

Prior to taking up this food regimen, make sure that you discuss the situation with your doctor.