When we hear Master Cleanse, once usually conjures the image of singer and actress Beyonce Knowles who made the diet popular. She reportedly use the method to lose pound for her upcoming role in Dreamgirls wherein we saw her sporting a slender frame than the one we see in her music videos.

However, Beyonce is not the only celebrity who have used this diet. In fact, David Blaine actually endorsed this diet once during a show. At the same time, the host of The Howard Stern, Robin Quivers actually used the Master Cleanse in order to lose weight. She had roughly a month to lose 70 pounds and lucky for her, she was able to do it!

How it’s done

The Master Cleanse diet is basically a mixture of water, lemon, grade B maple syrup and cayenne pepper. Each ingredient is designed to keep the body healthy while consistently burning calories. The lemon is basically the one used to break down fats, cayenne pepper to speed up metabolism and grade B maple syrup to supply the necessary energy and calorie content for the day. This mixture is consumed for ten straight days — taking in about eight to twelve glasses for the whole twenty four hours. At the same time, one is not allowed to eat anything solid during that lenght of time as well as any other liquid except water.

It’s Effect

After the ten day fast, Robin Quivers remarked that the Master Cleanse helped her feel more confident as a result of the weight loss. Not only that, but her muscles and joints have increased in flexibility allowing her to sleep better and feel better. Friends have even remarked that she now looks happier than ever with her life.

Not only used as a weight loss method, the Master Cleanse also flushes out the toxins in the body therefore making someone feel more energized that they were.

With celebrities trying out and testifying to the Master Cleanse method, it is no wonder more and more people are jumping in with the bandwagon. If you are one of those people contemplating the move, then I suggest that you first consult your doctor prior to any decisions. Robin Quivers lost weight, so did Beyonce and so can you! Good luck!