So you’ve probably heard of the Master Cleanse diet and how effective it is. After all, Beyonce Knowles – one of the top artist’s of the decade – has deigned to use it and has gathered excellent results in the process. Imagine losing 22 pound in just 14 days! Now, I’m pretty sure you’re curious about this particular diet strategy. If you’re ready to lose your own 22 pounds in two weeks, then here are the ingredients and instructions on how to start the Master Cleanse Diet!


The majority of the drink is composed by water. Make sure that you don’t use tap water for this project since it would likely contain minerals that you don’t want. Utilize filtered water or start boiling your tap water for best results.

Amount: Ten (10) oz.

Lemon Juice

Your lemon juice must be organic and freshly squeezed. Canned lemon juice will not do since its minerals and nutrients are already degraded and processed. If you’re thinking of using it in the belief that there’s no difference, then you’re wrong. Processed lemon juice would definitely NOT get you the results you want for this Master Cleanse Diet.

Amount: Two tablespoons

Organic Grade B Maple Syrup

Again, the ingredient must be organic and Grade B. The creator of the Lemonade Diet has been very specific on this, citing that only Grade B maple syrup will do. Non-organic ones would contain additives and preservatives that would ruin the whole detoxification process.

Amount: Two tablespoons.

Cayenne Pepper

The one with the smallest portion but is also a very important ingredient of the whole mixture. Cayenne pepper must be grounded and added to the mixture. Don’t worry about the taste since the amount of lemon and maple syrup will overlap the cayenne pepper. This ingredient will help with the breaking down of fats as well as cleaning out the mucus and toxins in your body so don’t forget it.

Amount: 1/10 of a teaspoon.

So now that you know that you know the recipe of the Master Cleanse diet, you can start your own. Of course, don’t just start drinking the whole concoction after you’ve made it. Research further and find out how you’re supposed to act for the next ten days and find out the possible side effects of taking the diet. Although perfectly safe, you might be alarmed when some of it’s natural effects start to dawn on you. Also, don’t forget to consult your physician prior to undergoing any kind of diet. Good luck!