After discovering the Master Cleanse Diet, you must be curious about the whole process and eager to try it out. Of course, it’s only natural for you to want to find out more about this regimen that cleans your body as well as helps you lose the unwanted fats. This article will talk about the pertinent parts of the Master Cleanse diet for you to understand the process better before deciding to undertake it.

What it Contains: Ingredients

The Master Cleanse diet which also goes by the name of Lemonade Diet has four basic ingredients that can be easily found in your local grocery store and are easy on the budget. These are water, lemonade, cayenne pepper and Grade B maple syrup. These ingredients must be organic for you to get the results that you want. If you’ll notice, the maple syrup has been specifically defined as the Grade B Maple Syrup. This means that you cannot substitute this ingredient with any other type of maple syrup, otherwise you’re not really on the lemonade diet.
How it Works

The mixture of these ingredients must be consumed for the next ten days without taking in any type of solid food. You should be able to drink around six to twelve glasses of the mixture every day. Pure water is also allowed in between, but you should not drink less than the prescribed amount of the lemonade mixture.

What it Does

The Master Cleanse diet flushes out all the toxins stuck in your large intestine while at the same time helps you burn off fat. This is because the specific mixture of the ingredients supplies very few calories that the body ultimately uses its stored energy in the form of fat. Hence, you are not required to exercise during this whole process. In fact, it might be necessary for you to rest a bit in order to cope with the loss of daily solid food consumption.

What to Expect

Obviously, you won’t feel normal when undergoing this diet since you’ll be passing up on various things that you normally take for granted. Hence, start to expect side effects that could happen during the ten day diet. Following are some of the conditions people under the Master Cleanse diet normally feel.

During the first few days, you should expect your body to start rebelling against the new regimen. This is usually the hardest part and the phase where people usually give up. Condition like persistent hunger pains is often felt by those who are just easing in on the process. However, once you overcome this part, then you can easily level up to the next phase.

The second phase is the part where people start drinking the lemonade concoction. The usual problem here is that after five or six straight days of drinking nothing but the mixture, the stomach and tongue are starting to get sick of the taste. If you’re into sugar, then chances are your tongue would start looking for that sweet taste again. As much as possible, ignore these sudden urges and after a few minutes, you’ll find that it will soon pass and you can revert back to your routine.

The last phase is when you’re done with the diet and reacquainting yourself with solid food. You might notice that your stomach is initially rejecting the food that it has been unfamiliar with for the past ten days. Hence, you should not immediately go on a food spree after the diet and instead start it off with small portions of fruits and vegetables before graduating to meat and finally, your favorite foods.

Keep in mind though that you just got your colon cleaned. Do you want to go through the whole process again soon? Hence, start eating healthy so you won’t have to undergo the same problem again.