Master cleanse is similar to juice fasting in certain areas, for instance one would require to go without food in the period of the cleanse and only allow to drink the juice stated in the different fast. We are going to take a look at the detoxification stages of juice fasting which is similar to that of the Master Cleanse.


1st stages (Usually day 1 to day 2)

Typically on the 1st day of the fast, if you are doing what is instructed in the lemonade diet, you will have intestinal pains due to the laxative tea. Usually, most people would complain about the salt water flush.

Internally, the body’s blood sugar level would drop as you are not consuming any foods. You may feel weaker because glycogen would be taken from the muscle.

Symptoms like sore throat, headaches, light headedness, sometimes even fever. You will start to feel intense hunger at this stage of the cleanse.


2nd Stages (Day 3 to Day 7)

This is usually when dieters find themselves losing weight. It is because all the fats are being broken down to release glyceride molecules. These molecules are then converted to glucose. When these fats are eliminated from the body, your skin may become oily even you have problem-free skin. Pimples or even a boil may start to appear on the surface of your skin.

As the digestive system is able to rest well because it is not consuming any foods, it can now focus on cleansing and healing itself. The various organs would start to heal and repair. While it is healing itself, your body would excrete all the toxins. Yellow colored mucus may be one of the by product of the detoxification of the body. Your breath is usually stinky at this period of time and you will find your tongue thickly coated.

During this stage, with the colon free from any work, it can finally do its work in clearing the unwanted waste that is stuck in there for years. With laxative tea, it will help our colon being cleansed and cleared everyday.


3rd Stages (7th to 10th day)

Some of the days, the tongue can be pink due to the fact that the body may have finished cleansing itself. The healing and repairing of the organs may be completed around this stage. The body now being adapted to the whole fasting process, can now works at its peak in replacing damaged cells and tissues. A longer master cleanse could even heal the body completely while a short fast may only reduce the symptoms.

Some dieters found that they are still discharging mucus through the nose or throat on rare occasion. This is perhaps due to the leftover toxins from the lymphatic system.


4th Stages (Post Master Cleanse)

Now as the body is thoroughly cleansed, one is taking healthy and nutritious foods slowly and progressively. This process allows the body to absorb the healthy nutrients and vitamins that it is lacked of during the entire period of the diet.

When taking the nutrients and vitamins food progressively, one is able to absorb much more. Hence it is essential that one should follow a healthy diet when they finished the Master Cleanse.