Typically, anyone or most people should do the master cleanse diet. In today’s world, where there are full of pollution, toxins, dirt, bacteria, viruses, diseases, illnesses, one should always cleanse their body once  in a while so that our body would not accumulate those toxins in our body. You may be surprised that finely grounded pepper, a common flavouring to dishes, is known to be stuck on the walls of your large intestine once ingested and it takes ages to remove them! When all these toxins get accumulated in our body, at first we may seem fine and our body does not show warning symptoms. But over a long period of time, when all the accummulated toxins exceeds the body’s limit, all the toxins may suddenly surface as diseases, cancers or some serious illnesses.

Below are some of the people who should embark on the master cleanse

  • Women or ladies who want to lose weight fast (although the main purpose of  master cleanse is to cleanse the body, the side effects for master cleanse happens to be losing weight). Famous celebrities like Beyonce and Ashanti, had successfully lost weight with the master cleanse!
  • People who often eat outside food that consist of preservatives, Monosodium glutamate, excessive oil, fats, fried food, overcooked food. Well, this is extremely common for PMETs, who dash out of their office to the nearby food outlet for a quick bite just to starve off hunger. And this is especially so for people who always survive on unhealthy food. These groups of people should do the 10 day master cleanse.
  • Your complexion is not perfect and you would like to make your skin fairer, clearer, not just on the surface, but clarity inside out.
  • One who is stressful, often worried and suffers from bouts of muscle aches, pains, nerve pain.
  • When you feel that your body often falls sick easily and you are tired of looking for doctors and eating medicine. It will be better for you to detoxify your body’s toxins once and for all so that you can start afresh and not be haunted by the illnesses.

However, there are certain people who should not take the master cleanse diet.

  • Pregnant women should avoid taking the master cleanse diet as there may have complications. It would be better to do the master cleanse only after the baby is born.
  • Children should avoid doing the master cleanse as their bodies are growing and their body may not accumulate much of the toxins compared to an adult.
  • Diabetes patients have different recipe for the master cleanse as the maple syrup may aggravate their conditions. You can read more information regarding the master cleanse recipe for diabetes patients here.
  • Patients who are on certain medication should avoid master cleanse, or it would be wise to consult doctor before embarking on the cleanse. This is to ensure that the medication does not clash with the cleanse.