The Master Cleanse is probably one of the easiest diet methods to prepare. It only uses a total of four ingredients that can be easily found in most stores everywhere. If you are thinking about taking up the Master Cleanse method, then here is how you can go about it.

The Master Cleanse Basics


About two tablespoons is needed for the Master Cleanse mixture. The lemon must be completely organic and is freshly squeezed as said by its creator, Stanley Burroughs. This ingredient is basically used for the breaking down of toxins in the body so that they can be more efficiently flushed out.

Grade B Maple Syrup

Notice that the type of maple syrup is specified. It must be Grade B and like the lemon, organic. The maple syrup is basically added for the calorie content. It helps you maintain a degree of energy during the ten days so that you would not feel sluggish even without the usual solid food intake. About two tablespoons is necessary for this.

Cayenne Pepper

About 1/10th of a tablespoon is the necessary amount of cayenne pepper added in the mix. Due to the small amount, you’ll find that the taste of lemon and maple will be the ones dominating the drink. This ingredient is primarily focused in keeping your metabolism going. It also contains calories to serve as energy source for the body.


Ten ml of water should be added with the required ingredients above. Make sure that the water is clean and free of any impurities that would lessen the effects of the Master Cleanse.

Other Ingredients (Optional – Either Salt Water Flush or Laxative Tea or Both)

Ingredients that you can add or subtracts at leisure are sea salts and laxative tea. They are not added to the mixture and instead take separately.

The sea salts, about one teaspoon, should be added to a 35 ounce glass of water and consumed when you wake up in the morning and before going to bed in the evening.

The same process is needed for laxative tea. However, make sure that it is herbal tea or a decaffeinated one since other types don’t really help and could only ruin the Master Cleanse experience.

Both are capable of speeding up the process.