Our readers had loved master cleanse diets and this is one of the dieters’ journal on the master cleanse. Hope it’ll help you in ways when you are embarking on master cleanse diet.


Going on a Master Cleanse has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. I have to admit that I have been too addicted to junk foods, meats, burgers, soft drinks and other “unhealthy” foods to pay much attention to cleansing my body.


I mean, 28 years of eating all sorts of calorie-rich and nutrition less food may have transformed my body into a small toxic dump. So I decided to try the Master Cleanse Diet after reading about this amazing diet and body cleansing program on the Internet.


At first, I was quite hesitant to try the Master Cleanse. I had my little initiation to the Cleanse after stumbling on a website showing the benefits and advantages of detoxification.


I have been looking for ways to get healthy without putting too much work and effort. I don’t want to exercise because I have already undergone hernia surgery and I’m afraid that it will come back if I lift heavy objects frequently. So it was a stroke of luck that I came across a website about the Master Cleanse Diet and it piqued my interest, so why not give it a try?


To be honest, I really didn’t understand everything that was written in the book, but after consulting online resources and websites, Master Cleanse Guide. everything became much clearer to me. I know that I have to experience the Master Cleanse Diet if I want to keep myself healthy and free from disease.


I have to admit that I am not exactly a “healthy” person. I have my own share of illnesses, and I even spent three days at the hospital after suffering a case of bronchitis. Three years ago, I underwent hernia surgery, as I have mentioned before. So now I am afraid to exercise and do some weight lifting. I want to try a diet program to take some inches off my bulging waist, but as I am too addicted to meaty foods like pork, beef and chicken, it’s now out of the question. Until I discovered the Master Cleanse Diet.


I want to share my experiences with the Master Cleanse Diet, so I wrote this journal while I was on the diet. I am not an expert in nutrition science or anything related to health or medicine, which means that this journal is not an authoritative record of the Master Cleanse Diet. However, you can “enjoy” reading my experiences while on the Cleanse, so that you’ll know what to expect when it’s your turn.


At first, I thought about trying the Cleanse for just three days, but later changed my mind. Heck, if I was to try the Cleanse, I might as well make it worthwhile. Five days? How about ten? Okay, ten days and I will quit if I feel very ill anytime while on the Cleanse.


15/01/09 Sunday – Preparing Myself


After eating a bowl of oatmeal and attending morning Mass, I went straight to the grocery store and bought the needed ingredients – two kilograms of lemons, a large bottle of Grade B maple syrup, cayenne pepper and sea salt. I also bought Senna leaf laxative tea. My goodness, I almost forgot the water. After looking at the several bottled water brands on display, I bought one that I think is the purest and the cleanest (To be fair, I won’t say which brand did I buy!).


Back home, I spent the rest of the day watching TV and at the same time reading the Master Cleanse booklet. I’m very excited (and also nervous!) to start the Cleanse! I made a mental note to get rid of the ice cream and junk foods inside my refrigerator, which I did later in the afternoon by giving them away to the neighborhood kids. I learnt from this Master Cleanse Insider that it is very important to keep all the food away to avoid temptations.


I drank the Senna leaf laxative tea before retiring for the night. This very moment, I felt my stomach becoming queasy, but I shrugged it off and fell asleep.


16/01/09 Monday – Day One


Upon waking up, I immediately prepared the Salt Water Flush (SWF) , an entire liter of it. I am not a fan of water, to say the least. The drinking part proved to be a struggle, and I wasted maybe a glass of the SWF before I managed to finish it off. After an hour or so, my stomach grumbled and I went straight to the toilet to relieve myself.


Okay, time to prepare the lemonade. I sliced the lemons one by one and juiced them. I almost sliced my fingers because I was feeling really dizzy from the flush I did earlier. Guess I’m not really used to missing my regular breakfast of bacon and eggs.


It is approximate 5 lemons to make 12 tablespoons of lemon juice just by squeezing it with my hand without any equipment! (I think I did not do a very good job here)


I drank about seven glasses of lemonade as well as lots of water. I still feel weak and dizzy. It seems my stomach wanted to protest and reach out for the foods that I used to eat, but my resolve was strong.


To add to my misery, one of my friends called me on the phone and invited me to some pizza. I had to politely decline and said that I’m not feeling well, which is a bit true. I wanted to lie down in bed and sleep like a baby all day long, but I know I have to continue my daily routine with the Cleanse. =(


At bedtime, I drank the laxative tea and collapsed into the comfort of my bed. I had some trouble sleeping, maybe I had insomnia or something. Hope I dream about the lasagna that my Mom made last Christmas.


17/01/09 Tuesday – Day Two


I woke up earlier than normal, around 6:15. To my surprise, I was no longer feeling sick or dizzy. I was now feeling active and alert for the first time since I started the Cleanse (not to mention that it’s only day two). The Salt Water Flush, however, was terrible. I wanted to throw up and my stomach felt like it was going to explode. Good thing that I was able to relieve myself immediately. I think I had twenty or more bowel movements today, and my comfort room now smells like a dumpsite. This is exactly written in the Master Cleanse Secrets that Salt Water Flush maybe a bit too strong for some of us.


Drinking the lemonade no longer seems like a chore. Yesterday, my throat burned mildly after every glass of lemonade. Today, however, I find myself enjoying the lemonade. I now look forward to drinking the lemonade to control the hunger that seems to claw at my stomach.


I had a slight headache, and I think that it’s just a minor side effect of the Cleanse. As long as I don’t drop dead, I can tolerate sickness in exchange for the promised benefits of the Master Cleanse Diet. My body still feels alright, and I even did some household chores – washing the dishes, watering the plants, vacuuming the living room.


My mind and body is doing a good job of controlling the food cravings. I still miss the delicious foods that I’ve been accustomed to, like fried chicken, spaghetti, hamburgers, ice cream, M&Ms, potato chips. But I no longer feel the urge to go to the local convenience store and grab a small container of Haagen Dazs.


Night Time – As usual, I had my bedtime ritual of Senna leaf tea. I congratulated myself for completing day two. Eight more days to go and I will now become a changed man!


18/01/09 Wednesday – Day Three


The Salt Water Flush now tastes a lot better. Practice makes perfect, as the saying goes. I was able to drink the entire liter of salt water without the least spillage. The toilet routine has become smoother and more comfortable, too. I had about a dozen toilet runs today, compared to about twenty yesterday. As usual, prepared the lemonade and drank to my heart’s content. I’m feeling hungrier today than ever before, and not even the constant infusion of lemonade could silence my stomach’s rumblings.


Went out for a short bike ride. Wow! I really feel good, and it’s only the third day. I hope that this trend continues until the end of the Cleanse. Did nothing special except the bike ride and watching TV the rest of the afternoon.


In the evening I prepared some mint tea to go along with the Senna tea. I slept earlier than usual at around 9 PM, mainly because I had nothing else to do but drink lemonade and hope that my food cravings don’t come back.


I’m losing around 2.5kg just the 3rd day! Incredible!


19/01/09 Thursday – Day Four


Another day to face the challenges of the Cleanse. I had some dreams last night, most of which I can’t remember, but none of them was about food (good thing!). Had the Salt Water Flush and then hunkered down to the toilet bowl to get rid of whatever excess waste and toxins were left in my body. I bravely tried to take a look at the “crime scene” and saw that it’s still all brownish liquid stuff.


I still can’t see the black stuff that other people on the Cleanse report seeing. I wonder if the lemonade recipe I used was correct, or maybe my body was truly resistant to detoxification. Let’s see in the next couple of days.


Prepared the lemonade concentrate, and then spent the rest of the morning lying on the couch watching NBA on TV while chugging the lemonade. I remembered that I have to go to the supermarket to buy some lemons and maple syrup. I thought about the driving the car to the mall but changed my mind, riding a taxi instead. I’m feeling a bit nauseous and weak, and I’m afraid that driving while in this state is dangerous.


After I bought the ingredients from the supermarket, I turned on my computer and surfed the Internet. I read other people’s journals about the Master Cleanse and felt inspired. I told myself, “If they can do it, why can’t I?” Good thing that I wrote this journal so that I’ll have my share of inspiring other people to try the Master Cleanse Diet.


At night time, I just lay in bed reading the book “By The River Piedra, I Sat Down and Wept,” by Paulo Coelho. I must have dozed off while reading because I forgot to take the laxative tea! I suddenly woke up around 2 AM early morning and my eyes burned like vinegar was poured on it. I hurriedly prepared and drank the tea and went back to bed.


20/01/09 Friday – Day Five


The early morning interruption in my sleep caused me to wake up at past 8 AM. I was still feeling sleepy but I dragged my tired body off the bed and began preparing the Salt Water Flush. After drinking the saline solution I went to the bathroom mirror and examined myself. Not much difference from my pre-Master Cleanse form, only that my waistline looked smaller than before. At least I know see some results from the Cleanse, both internally and externally.


Please do not read the following paragraphs if you feel disgusted about gross stuff.


Black stuff can now be seen in my excretions, but not much. I don’t know if this is a good sign or bad, but I feel that the toxins and bad chemicals stocked inside my body are now beginning to be flushed away. My belly feels tender and sensitive to the touch, though. And to make things worst, my butt area is getting itchy. Gross!


I jogged around the neighborhood after drinking my first glass of lemonade. I can still feel the hot cayenne pepper swirling inside my stomach as I ran at leisurely pace. Upon returning home from jogging, I discovered that some parts of my skin are turning red and painful. It must be the rashes or something. I shrugged it off thinking that it was just a minor side effect of the detoxification process.


Night – This time I made sure that I didn’t forget the laxative before going to bed. I sent a text message to my friend telling him that I am having a Master Cleanse Diet and that I am not allowed to eat anything except lemonade. He told me that I’m crazy. Well, it’s better to be crazy and healthy rather than sane and sick.


Saturday – Day Six


I woke up feeling hot and sweaty at past 6 AM. Too bad, it must be colds or something. My throat feels sore and on top of that, I had runny nose. I spent the rest of the morning sneezing and blowing my nose. Drank the salt water and then spent more than an hour inside the comfort room, bringing along a box of tissues to clean my nose.


I miscalculated the lemonade preparation for the day and went short of my usual eight glasses. I had to prepare another small lemonade mixture later in the evening. I am feeling no better than yesterday. My skin still feels itchy from some rashes and I’m feeling hot and feverish. I decided not to go jogging or biking and just spend the rest of the day lying down in bed. In the back of my head, I wished that I had not gone on the Cleanse. But I told myself that it’s all for the best and that the Cleanse is there to help me regain my health.


Nothing newsworthy happened today, since I just stayed at home and lay in bed. Drank the herbal tea at past 9 PM and went to sleep before 10.


Sunday – Day Seven


I’m feeling better now today. I awoke to the morning sunlight and the chirping of the birds. I am actually thanking God that I’m still alive! My fever has receded although I’m still having a runny nose and the occasional sneezing. Good thing that it didn’t develop into something worse.


The Salt Water Flush did some wonders. I could see the difference now. There are more of the dark solid stuff which could be the toxins and undigested food that my body has finally gotten rid of. My stomach still aches every time I excrete, but I know that this is part of the detoxification process.


Wonder of wonders! I am no longer having those uncontrollable food cravings and urges. Feeling confident of this, I went to the neighborhood convenience store and bought some sausages, ham and pasta. I cooked spaghetti and invited my best friend Joe to an afternoon snack. Joe bought along his pretty girlfriend. Too bad, my girlfriend was away on a business trip, so the three of us talked and watched DVDs. I even told them about the Master Cleanse Diet and they said they are willing to give it a try.


I cleaned the house, arranged the books in the shelves, washed the dishes and did all sorts of household work. I’m feeling very energetic today. If I feel like this everyday I am on the Cleanse, I might think of going back to work. I’m sure that my boss misses me now.


This is probably the best day that I’m on the Cleanse, so far.


Monday – Day Eight


I woke up with the phone ringing madly. It was my boss telling me to go to the office and fix the computer, which he said might be infected with a virus. I hurriedly prepared the Salt Water Flush and drank it in one big gulp, after which I took a quick bath. Afterwards, I relieved myself at the toilet, spending less than 30 minutes to finish. My excretion was still mostly liquid, and less of the black goo has come out.


I drank the lemonade and headed to the office, arriving there at past 10. My boss asked me if I’m alright, and said that I looked thin and gaunt. I don’t know if it was a compliment or not. I am naturally thin, so maybe he noticed my smaller waistline. I had trouble thinking what to do with the computer, so I told my boss that I need to go back to home to get the computer manual.


It was a good thing that I decided to go home, because the moment I parked my car, my stomach was aching mad and I feel that a bowel movement is coming! I ran to the toilet and immediately relieved myself. Oh boy! Had I not gone home I would have been forced to use the office toilet.


I went back to the office at around 1:45 PM and finally fixed the computer, drinking lemonade along the way. Went home at 5 PM. I am having a massive headache and I feel that my head was about to explode from the pain. I decided to take a shower to relax and before drinking the laxative tea and going to bed.


Tuesday – Day Nine


Yes! Two more days to go! My girlfriend Sandra arrived this morning and I have to fetch her at the airport. After the Salt Water Flush, I drank the lemonade. I now look forward to drinking the lemonade as I have become accustomed to the “heat” of the cayenne pepper and it no longer feels irritating to my throat. I dressed up and went to the airport, hoping that my stomach doesn’t think about getting rid of my wastes while I’m away from home.


After fetching my girlfriend, we went straight to the restaurant (it was already past noon). She ordered Caesar’s Salad while I got myself a glass of water. She looked at me strangely. I guess she was accustomed to seeing me order beef steaks and pork chops every time we eat out. The good news is that I’m no longer feeling hungry even when there are lots of food around. Yes! I have finally controlled my eating urges, at least for now.


I drove her to her house and I headed back home, feeling a bit dizzy. I sat down to rest while I resumed writing my journal. Feeling a burst of inspiration, I decided to test my physical “improvements” by doing some exercises. I tried stretching my arms and limbs, and to my great surprise, I can now touch the floor with the tip of my hands with my leg straight – which is something I can’t do before the Cleanse! My body has noticeably become more flexible and energetic. Great!


Feeling wonderful and inspired, I went to bed earlier than usual (9:30 PM) after my bedtime ritual of drinking herbal tea. I’m very happy with my achievements even though I’m still new to the Cleanse, and I look forward to the final day.


Wednesday – Day Ten


The last day of my personal odyssey with the Master Cleanse Diet. The Cleanse has done wonders to my body in this short period of time, and to think that I am new to dieting and detoxification. I decided to cook a wonderful dinner and invite my family, but before that I have to perform the Salt Water Flush and prepare the lemonade. I notice that my bowel movements are now smoother and the pain in my stomach had noticeably diminished. I am feeling it!


I weighed myself at the bathroom scale and noticed that I had lost nine pounds! From my pre-Master Cleanse weight of 147 pounds, I now weigh exactly 138. I examined myself in front of the mirror and noticed more improvements. My skin has now become smoother and clearer, I’m feeling more active and energized, and I have even lost my appetite for greasy junk foods.


The entire afternoon, I shopped at the grocery and prepared the dinner. I called my Mom and Dad as well as my siblings. They promised to drop by at my house by 7 PM. I prepared the buttered chicken, grilled tuna, vegetable salad, baked lasagna (my favorite, yum!) and some bottles of good red wine. Too bad, I can’t eat any of these as long as I’m still on the Cleanse.


At dinner, my Mom could not believe the changes she saw in me. She said that my waist is no longer that big like a pregnant woman and that I now have that healthy glow in my cheeks. She also told me that she might try the Master Cleanse Diet if she has the time and motivation. I promised to help her with it as long as she gives me a baked lasagna after that. Haha!


I had another cup of herbal tea before tucking myself in for the night.


Thursday – Post Master Cleanse Day One


Returning to solid food after eating (drinking?) nothing but lemon juice and salty water for days is very challenging. Could you believe that I’m now somewhat addicted to lemonade? Well, not exactly “addicted,” but I’m now used to drinking lemonade that I could have extended the Master Cleanse Diet if not for the demands of my work and career.


I had fresh orange juice the whole day. Funny how the orange juice tastes like the lemonade I used to drink. I also had peppermint tea before going to sleep.


Friday – Post Master Cleanse Day Two


Time for vegetable soup and more orange juice. I am not a great cook, so my girlfriend went over the house and prepared vegetable soup made of fresh beans, carrots, potatoes, onions, and – guess what – sea salt and cayenne pepper. Guess I’ll never have enough of salt and pepper, do I?


The vegetable soup was terrible. I am not exactly a fan of vegetables, and vegetable soup without meat tastes bland and lifeless to me. I drowned the aftertaste with two glasses of orange juice. The good thing is I’m not yet having the cravings for the food I used to eat. I hope that this continues for as long as I want.




My whole Master Cleanse Diet experience has been worthwhile. Will I do it again? You bet. Going on the Cleanse has done a world of wonders to my health and life in general. Although I am far from being the healthiest man in the world, and even in my neighborhood, I feel like I’m getting a new lease on life.