How I look Before And After The Master Cleanse Diet..

Hi, my name is Stephanie Tisa. And today I would like to share with you my story. It’s not just about weight loss, but it’s about how I regain my health as well.

“When I lost 37 pounds, I was happy.. But when my routine colonoscopy came out and the doctor and nursing staff were amazed at how clean my colon was, my jaws dropped…”

It was 1997 when I found out I was diagnosed with diverticulosis. It is a painful disease that causes abdominal pain and cramping, especially on the left side. This disease was haunting me for several years. I am also overweight and always feel bad about myself.

I was sick and tired of being constantly in pain and often found myself unable to wear a lot of clothes in my wardrobe.I began desperately look for the “best and healthy weight loss programs”.

Luckily in 2006, I learned from TV about this amazing diet – The Master Cleanse . It has helped me to get rid of the painful pouches in my colon and even help me lose so much extra pounds.


One of the greatest things about this diet is that you can start at a very low cost – You just need to know the correct directions.


My Weight Loss Journey..


I tried all kinds of “popular” diets like Atkins, low carb diet, South Beach, brown rice, acai berry and even the Cabbage Soup.. – I bet you would do it too if you are as desperate as I do. Ok.. This programs did produce a little results BUT all the weight loss were temporary.. And when my weight came back, I weighed even more..


I felt hopeless and eventually, I gave up. I started to use foods as a form of escape from my pain, unhappiness, sadness and ugliness.


Today, I’m lighter, cleansed, and most importantly healthier!


Usually when one did the colonoscopy, most people are heavily sedated and some just fainted because their colon was so disgusting.. I refused their advice and object to any sedation because I knew my colon was as clean as new.


Back to my story…


Opah Showed Me The Diet..


I wouldn’t say I owe everything to Oprah but I would say that if I hadn’t been watching the show, I could still be unhealthy and FAT.


Beyonce was featured in the show and she at that time lost around 20 pounds while embarking on the 10 days Master Cleanse (however she did cheat a little by eating salads, imagine how much more weight loss she can lose if she did not cheat).


Beyonce was going to film her next show which I think was Dreamgirls. And then she started talking about how her nutritionist recommend her the master cleanse diet because she needs to lose weight.


The next day, I happen to see Dr. Oz again on the show and mentioned that keeping your colon clean is a great way to stay healthy as well as lose weight. Weight loss is just a by product when you keep your colon clean. No other diet can help you get all rid of these tons of toxic, filthy junk stuck on your colon walls for years.


The “Lemonade Fasting” Gave Me Back My Life!


The diet sounds good however I was a little skeptical after failing so many times. My first question I had was “is it safe?”

So I went online and do a little homework on my own. After hours of research, I was confirmed that this diet cleanse the toxins, improve our health, and benefit our body in many ways. I cleared my doubts when I saw there are countless of people who had tried the diet and shed many pounds. Some even cured diseases and illnesses that haunted them for many years.

My second concern was not knowing the correct instructions for the diet. There were many information on the web but I don’t know which one is the exact instructions.

I researched thoroughly online for master cleanse only determined to get started.

Here’s what I found out about Master Cleanse ..

Step 1:

Master Cleanse Secrets is the first and most important part of my success in doing the master cleanse. And hence getting my health back and losing weight successfully..

These Master Cleanse Secrets help me:


  • Boost my energy level
  • Cleanse the colon and get rid of the years of waste in the body
  • Cure my disease that has haunted me for many years and helps me no longer feel the pain..
  • Strengthen my immune system – That’s why I’m doing this diet again and again..

My Results

I embarked on the Master Cleanse last year and it was a 10 day fast for me. After my first 10 days Master Cleanse, my weight already lost over 20 pounds. Then after subsequent cleansing over the next few months, I lost a total of ASTONISHING 37 pounds. It was a pleasant surprise!

I feel lighter, cleansed, healthier and refresher. And the best thing is diverticulosis goes away and never come back! My weight problem has improved tremendously as well. I feel much happier and have the energy to do many things which I once enjoyed.

You Can Do It Too…

If you have failed with other weight loss & diet programs and don’t have any other solution, give Master Cleanse a try.

If you already tried and failed, it’s because that you do not know the right directions to do the cleanse effectively. Click Here to discover the correct directions and succeed with Master Cleanse